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City Captain Turned Hat-trick Hero

WCWFC 3 – 0 Knowle 

Worcester City Women extend their unbeaten run under the lights at Sixways on International Women’s Day. Whilst the club celebrated their third anniversary and the occasion, City captain Jess Fassnidge turned hat-trick hero. 


City took some time to settle into the game with goalkeeper Sofia Stolt making an early, comfortable save to stop Knowle’s striker from scoring. 


City then got into the swing of things, after a cross sent in from defender Lindsey Jones fell to Fassnidge, the number seven attempted the volley, but the strike fell victim to the keeper’s hands. 


Newcomer Ruby Mayo looked a constant threat in attack and almost scored her first for the team. Laura Davies picked a through-ball to Mayo who weaved around the Robins’ defenders. Her right-footed shot however just bounced off the crossbar, not curling in quick enough for the forward this time. 


Meanwhile, Leah Ritson, an effervescent force driving down the left, was not without plenty of action. The winger looked unstoppable as she drilled a low cross from the left towards the right post unfortunately dragging just wide from the target.  


In the 31st minute, Fassnidge broke the deadlock with a strike that took everyone by surprise. After a City corner that Knowle struggled to clear from the head of Cerys Dolloway, City’s captain picked the shot and delivered it into the bottom left netting, leaving the goalkeeper with no time to react. 


The midfielder almost got her second before the whistle. As Holly Rogers sent in a cross from the right to reach where Fassnidge stood central on the outside of the area, the captain sent the shot in. Despite going straight through the Robins’ defence, the ball landed comfortably into the goalkeeper’s palms. 


From the beginning of the second half City was still in with a chance of their second.  


Throughout, Rogers looked destined to score. When her efforts couldn’t penetrate through the goalkeeper, they missed the netting by small margins. Although a goal couldn’t be squeezed in this time, her work rate and resilience across the pitch continually opened City’s options towards goal.  


In the 63rd minute, Fassnidge got her second. The ball was played out wide by Mayo to Ritson who placed a beautifully weighted cross towards the box, allowing the captain to head it home. 


Scoring her third and final goal of the game in the 72nd minute, Fassnidge cleverly tapped the ball in. Davies, after working hard in midfield throughout the game, fired a shot towards Knowle’s number one who blocked her effort at first. With the palmed block came the opportunity for our captain to get on the end of the rebound. 


With ten minutes left to go, Tinny Conway came off the bench, replacing Mayo who appeared for the first time in the starting line-up. Conway made an instant impact and in what was her first touch of the game almost headed in City’s fourth. Ritson, who worked tirelessly along the left and contributed significantly goalward, sent in a cross to our number 27 who caught it just off the crossbar. 


The game ended 3-0 to mark a fantastic occasion on International Women’s Day and for the club. Thank you so much for your continued support over the past three years, we were delighted to have over 500 of you in attendance! Our next home game sees us in the semi-final of the WFA County Cup. Season Tickets are not valid for this game so be sure to grab your tickets early!

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WCWFC Devs 0 - 0 Leamington Lions

City started the game looking to settle in early; however, after 10 minutes, the match was finely balanced with minimal chances for either team.

The first opportunity fell to Leamington as a shot from the edge of the box soared over the crossbar.

After some slick build-up play from City, the ball was deftly slotted through to Conway, who unleashed a powerful shot from 20 yards, forcing the keeper into her first save of the day.

Leamington began to create more chances, but their efforts were consistently thwarted by the excellent shot-stopper, Carter.

Around the 30-minute mark, Leamington could have earned a penalty after rounding the keeper. However, the attacker stayed on her feet but couldn't manage to get her shot off to punish City.

City defended admirably, thwarting multiple Leamington counter-attacks and winning every aerial duel in the box. However, they persisted in conceding set pieces in dangerous areas just before half-time.

The first half concluded with a 0-0 scoreline, City escaping unscathed despite the succession of free kicks given away in perilous areas.

Leamington kicked off the second half looking to gain control of the game. However, after 10 minutes, they had yet to trouble City, allowing the match to settle into an even rhythm.

Carter continued her outstanding performance, making a crucial save after a Leamington midfielder struck a shot from the edge of the box, calmly pushing it around the post.

With 30 minutes remaining, City regained momentum, penetrating the opposition's defense and entering dangerous areas. However, they struggled to truly test the keeper.

As the game approached its conclusion, City intensified their pressure, quickening ball movement and adopting an assertive defensive stance. This forced the opposition into mistakes and a more direct style of play for the next 15 minutes, resulting in numerous hard tackles on City and successive free kicks.

A significant opportunity arose for Conway on the edge of the box. She lifted the ball towards the onrushing City attacker but was impeded from behind. The ball appeared to be stopped by an opposition hand, yet the decision was inexplicably given as a drop ball to the opposition.

With just under 10 minutes remaining, City fervently appealed for a penalty. Bridgwater displayed nimble footwork in the box, but a challenge from behind was overlooked by the referee. This decision, possibly influenced by the penalty call for Leamington in the first half, seemed a clear-cut penalty for City.

The Development team's late push for a goal fell short, encouraging Leamington to press for a winner in the final 10 minutes. City, mindful of their disappointment from the previous week's last-minute equalizer, learned from their mistakes and defended resolutely, denying any chance of a goal and securing a hard-earned point from a challenging fixture on paper.


Knowle Wasps 2 – 3 WCWFC U18

In a mirror tie to the First Team, City’s youngsters beat Knowle Wasps away to earn three vital points.

City displayed relentless pressure from the kick-off and just two minutes into the game, Ellie launched a powerful shot over the Knowle Wasp's crossbar. The attacking momentum continued, with another attempt from Ellie blocked by the Knowle Wasps goalkeeper.

Knowle then responded with a counterattack, forcing Becca to make a crucial save.

City maintained dominance, controlling the ball in the Knowle Wasps half for a sustained 20-minute period. The blue and whites midfield, led by Connie and Eva, dictated possession and freed up the forwards to launch penetrating attacks on both wings.

A breakthrough seemed imminent when Amy took the ball high into the Wasps half and delivered a precise cross into the 6-yard box from the goal line, but the Knowle goalkeeper managed to thwart the City players, clearing the danger. Persistent pressure earned City a corner, but Knowle Wasps defended resolutely after a goalmouth scramble.

Unexpectedly, at the 24th minute mark, the Wasps capitalized on a rare counterattack, winning a corner that resulted in a goal against the run of play.

Responding to the setback, Worcester City intensified their pressure. In the 28th minute, Chloe delivered a perfectly weighted ball to Ellie, who skilfully manoeuvred past two defenders, opened up space and fired a powerful shot beyond the keeper, levelling the score.

Knowle Wasps responded to the setback from the restart and forced their way into the City half, where a long-distance lob forced a spectacular flying save from Becca, who tipped the ball over the bar to deny Knowle Wasps a lead.

City recycled play to the left, where Roseann's pressure on the left flank created chaos in the Knowle Wasps defence, leading to two saved shots before Knowle Wasps regained some level of composure. Jazz, making an impact on the right wing, forced a corner, but City couldn't break the deadlock before half-time.

Entering the second half signalled City's determination to exploit the right wing. However, in the 47th minute, it was Roseann's push-up the left wing and pass to Ellie that opened up the centre. Ellie maintained composure, drove forward and skilfully turned the defenders to open up a shooting opportunity, and a well-placed shot into the corner restored City's lead.

Never a team to give in, two minutes later Wasps retaliated with a sustained push into the City half that the defence could only put out for a corner. Knowle Wasps managed to exploit the advantage and got the equalize after a scrappy goalmouth scramble in the 49th minute.

Undeterred, City launched a charging attack up the right wing, with Ellie's powerful shot denied by the impressive Knowle Wasps keeper. Following strong defence from City, Amy and Ellie resumed their attacks, testing the Knowle Wasps keeper once again.

City continued to exploit the right wing, causing issues for the Knowle defence. Despite Ellie hitting the woodwork twice.

In the 82nd minute, a long clearance by Charlotte was exploited by Roseann with a perfectly weighted lob secured City's third goal and the precious lead.

In the dying minutes of normal time, Knowle Wasps made a rare break into the City half, but Jenna's interception and subsequent charge up the left into the Knowle Wasps final third reasserted City dominance. A resulting handball in the box gave City a chance for a two-goal lead. Unfortunately, even though the penalty was struck with power and precision, the shot was saved as the Knowle Wasps keeper made the right choice.

As a nail-biting three minutes of added time unfolded, Wasps pushed hard for an equalizer, but the City defence stood firm, securing a hard-fought victory.

Final score, Knowle Wasps 2, Worcester City 3. Eva was voted player of the match by the squad for her assured captaincy and determined tenacity in the centre of midfield.

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