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The County Cup Final

WCWFC First Team 7 – 0 WCWFC Development Team  


Both the First Team and Development Team fought hard to decide the winner of the County Cup this weekend, with the First Team triumphing with the win. In what was a very unique occasion, both team’s performances demonstrated the success of the club as a whole. 


Both sides looked to set a fast pace from the off. Laura Davies and Annie Sime’s partnership in midfield sent Leah Ritson on her way as she raced down the left wing with the ball. Ritson sent in a stunning strike for the ball to deflect off the right post and into the back of the net in the fourth minute.  


The Devs were keen not to let the lead put them on the back foot and their counterattack looked dangerous with Elspeth Hill surging forward. However, Sofia Stolt in the First Team’s goal was there to make the claim. 


Jess Fassnidge got close to her first but was kept away by Nerea Othick who stuck out well in defence throughout the game’s entirety. Despite this, in the 19th minute, after a difficult scramble in front of goal, Olivia Mitcham nodded home the First Team’s second.  


Following on from a corner, both teams threw themselves at the ball in the goal mouth. With the ball in the air, Hollie Congrave headered the ball in for Mitcham who hit the back of the net despite the crowded area. 


A couple of minutes later, with Cerys Dolloway coming forward, Annie Sime weaved away with the ball. The number 21 put it out to Mitcham who crossed the ball in from the left awaiting Jess Fassnidge to tap in the First Team’s third. 


Before half-time, Mitcham got her second. A throw-in from Shona Baldwin to Mitcham saw a battle between her and the Dev’s defence resulting in Mitcham getting the ball into the back of the net.   


The last action of the half came from the Devs. Following a handball, the Devs took a cleverly worked free kick from 20 yards out. Unfortunately, this time Alice Finley’s effort glanced over the bar. 


The second half started strong and fast with the Devs tightening up against the First Team. After seeking a goal in the first half, Holly Rogers slid the ball past Carter to find the inside of the right post in the 50th minute. 


A few minutes later, after providing the assist to Mitcham earlier on in the game, Hollie Congrave scored her own. With a spectacular finish, the defender found the top corner from a long-range shot after Ruby Mayo and Fassnidge fought hard to skirt around the Development’s defence. 


Despite the Development team still fighting hard to hold off their counterparts, Sophie Griffiths fancied her chances after partnering up with Mayo. This time though her effort glided just wide of the left post. 


The Devs responded with Mia Badland and Hill leading the line forward. As Hill sped down the right, she shot towards goal forcing the fingertip save from Sofia Stolt who was determined to keep their clean sheet as they claimed the rebound. 


With the intensity dropping off slightly, the First Team picked up their ongoing momentum and drove towards the final third. Annie Sime looked very close to a goal after threading around goalkeeper Leia Carter who did well to deny them another despite the persistence. 


Sime did eventually get the goal she wanted though and in the 85th minute worked her way through to an empty net to score the First Team’s final goal of the game.  


Thank you to all the fans who continue to support us, and we hope you enjoyed the occasion today. Our next game will be away against Crusaders next Sunday, we’d love to see some of you there.  


WCWFC First Team 7 – 0 WCWFC Development Team  

In my opinion, both teams started the game looking to play an attractive style of football, which really reflects the ambition we have at this club to teach this way all the way through our youth teams to adult teams.

The first team started the day extremely clinical, punishing us on their first attack of the day and continuing to do this for their first 4 goals. A massive credit to the Development team as I believe the 4 goals were very unlucky to concede and were more down to the pure class and experience of the first team rather than being poor defending or work rate.

The Devs held their heads high and grew into the game, creating multiple half chances throughout the first half, however could not find the final pass or final touch to punish the First team. They continued to work so hard for each other and continued to play their way of football, which they have all year. This is a massive credit to them as I know when you face a team as strong as the first team it is very easy to throw the basics out the window and play a style of survival football.

The half ended 4-0 however the Devs managed to end the half much better than they started it showing a sign of progression heading into the second half.

Yet again, the first team came out in the second half, showing their class early on, scoring 2 goals after 10 minutes of second half match play. After these two goals, the Devs could’ve dropped their heads, however they continued to work hard as the next half an hour remained goalless.

With 5 minutes to go, the first team capped off the win with the final goal of the day to make it 7-0. Massive congratulations to the first team for an impressive win, and another massive congratulations on picking up some silverware. A very strong team and definitely a team we can continue to look up to and learn from in the future.

A 7-0 result on paper sounds bad, but I have to give a massive credit to the girls, they worked so hard for the whole game when it could’ve been very easy to give in. I thought the girls did themselves so proud, and I am so proud of how far they have progressed this year.


Boldemere Falcons 3-0 Worcester City Women U18's

In a challenging away fixture, Worcester City Women U18s faced Boldmere Falcons and unfortunately succumbed to a 3-0 defeat. The match was marked by several key events that influenced the course of play.

Worcester City travelled with just 11 players, facing a determined Boldmere Falcons side. Early into the match, Becca, one of Worcester City's players, suffered an injury after a forceful challenge by a Boldmere striker. This incident led to Chloe stepping into the goalkeeping role due to the team's limited numbers.

Despite the setback, Worcester City struggled with some disorganisation following the injury and other factors. Boldmere Falcons capitalized on this, adding two more goals to their tally.

After the half-time break, Becca bravely returned to the pitch, injecting renewed energy into Worcester City's play. The team improved significantly, creating promising attacking opportunities.

However, the game took a serious turn as it neared its conclusion. Both teams mutually agreed to abandon the match due to a head injury sustained by a player.

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