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Worcester City Women FC (WCWFC), established in 2021, is a vibrant, forward-thinking, independent women's football club that prides itself on promoting women and girls' football within the club and the broader community. The club competes in the West Midlands Regional Women’s Football League, with its First Team in the Premier Division (Tier 5), and the Development Team in Division One South (Tier 6). WCWFC is also on a journey to become a certified B Corp, emphasizing its commitment to being a better business focusing on people, planet, and purpose.


WCWFC has a clear and inspiring vision: to be one of the UK's leading women's football clubs, foster a strong association with the community, maintain sustainable and inclusive actions, and preserve a long tradition of developing young talent. The club embodies the values of respect, inspiration, success, and exceptionality, which drive all aspects of its operations and interactions with players, staff, fans, and partners.


The club benefits the community by promoting inclusivity and fostering talent at a local level, offering a pathway for young girls to engage in the sport and potentially progress to competitive football. It creates a strong sense of unity and camaraderie, inviting everyone to become part of 'La Familia' at WCWFC, reinforcing the club's commitment to developing football talent in an environment that feels like a home.


Sponsors partnering with WCWFC can align their brand with an ambitious club making positive strides in women's football, community engagement, and sustainable practices. It presents an opportunity to be associated with a club that's not only about football but also about empowering women, nurturing young talent, and contributing positively to the community and the environment.


For players, joining WCWFC offers a platform to develop their skills, grow personally and professionally, and be part of a team that respects and values each member's contribution. They gain from experienced coaching staff with diverse backgrounds, committed to players' welfare and growth. The club's focus on player development, growth mindset, and efficient rehabilitation strategies ensures players can perform optimally and grow in their football careers.


In conclusion, WCWFC is more than just a football club - it's a community dedicated to empowering women, driving social impact, nurturing talent, and promoting sustainability. Whether you're a player, a sponsor, or a member of the local community, being part of 'La Familia' at WCWFC means being part of a purposeful journey towards a brighter, inclusive, and successful future in women's football.

Our Values





Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the UK’s leading women’s football clubs, with a strong association with our community delivered through our sustainable and inclusive actions and our long tradition of developing young talent.

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