Worcester City Women Lace Up and Speak Up in support of LGBTQ+ inclusion

DEC 08,2021

The iconic Rainbow Laces campaign has become a symbol of inclusion across sport. At Worcester City Women we are proud to support Stonewall’s campaign and we are committed to ensuring that football is a game for everyone.


The campaign will take place from Thursday 25 November to Sunday 12 December with today being the official Rainbow Laces Day. All our players will be wearing their laces to training this evening to support Rainbow Laces Day!


Co-Captain Lindsey Jones said; “representation continues to grow within the top flight of sport which brings a message of equality and inclusion to a global audience and it’s thanks to organisations like Stonewall and their Rainbow Laces campaign that we see support across all levels of football, from the top to the grassroots.”


She added; “I’m proud that as a club we are standing up to drive change and ensure we continue to educate others about LGBTQ+ inclusion. The fact there are so many openly gay female players in the top-tier is testament to the inclusive environment women’s clubs create and I was encouraged to see Josh Cavallo of Adelaide United in Australia come out as the world’s first openly gay top-tier male footballer recently.”


The City Women and staff will continue to wear the Rainbow Laces in support of LGBTQ+ inclusion.