Worcester City Women look forward to 2022

Jan 1st, 2022

We caught up with some of the key people involved with Worcester City Women to ask them to give us their round up of 2021 and their thoughts as we move into the New Year.

2021 will always be seen as the year

Worcester City Women FC was reborn.


WCWFC has always been a sleeping

giant but with the help of so many

passionate and dedicated people, the club

is starting to realise it’s full potential.


Building the off field team as well as

developing Worcester’s best talent was

always the foundation we wanted to build

in our first season. A lot of hard work by

everyone has built not only a stable

foundation of the club but we are now

starting to see the growth of the club

with facilities and a background team

that many clubs would be envious of.


Having exceeded our targets and goals for 2021 it is not time to sit back and admire what has been achieved so far. Plans for 2022 are already taking shape to develop all aspects of a sustainable women’s football club from first team to academy to even further heights.


What is most pleasing looking back on 2021 is that not only is our football club building momentum, it is the family culture that is being built within and ensuring that everyone feels part of a journey that is going to be very special.


Happy New Year to everyone involved with Worcester City Women FC.


Mark & Nicole

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I speak on behalf of the players when I say that 2021 has been a huge transition year for us as a team and a club. We have achieved so much in such a short amount of time and are slowly on track to creating the culture and environment that we want players to embody in everything they do. Change can be difficult, but we have embraced it well and will continue to adopt good people before good players whilst striving for success. 


 2021 has been a pivotal year in the club's history that we will look back on in years to come to remember where the journey first started. We wouldn’t be where we are without the incredible support we have received that radiates from all the fans, students, coaches, volunteers, parents, and last but not least the owners. 


Everyone is eager to get started after the Christmas period to finish the season strong and take that into the new season. As we look to 2022 the future is bright for this club and we can’t wait to come together to represent this city.


Happy New Year from La Familia. 


Katie Heath

My thoughts on Worcester City Women and the

coming year. I hope that the plans that have

already started, continue to prosper and grow.

That we attract more fans and supporters to

help the ladies on. The most important thing

though is to see the squad grow strong

together, be there for each other when the

going gets tough but also rejoice as one when

success is achieved, no matter how small it

may be.

The work that is being done behind the scenes

with the development team is fantastic,

watching players stepping up to the first team

when asked and taking the chance with both


The current management and

coaching/medical team have made the ladies

into a squad, players are being developed all

the time, The experience in the squad is of a great variety which can only bring better things, they are together as a squad, no individuals.

As to my 2022 wishes, simply, continue to grow and develop into a promotion team, a good cup run and a season free of long term injuries, and maybe along the way, a few more fans to cheer them on.  The team is also recognised for its excellent charity and community liaisons and may that continue. A big thank you from a touch line travelling fan who loves the little chats and those smiles on those match days. Keep going Worcester City Women FC, the pride of Worcestershire.

Gavin Fry

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Football has always been a real passion of mine but playing was never in the cards. In other lives, I have been involved in the business side of the game and therefore have had the opportunity to meet players and staff at a number of different Clubs. The best part of this has always been building a rapport with the players, staff and fans and that is by far my favourite part of running Gill's Place on a matchday.


When I am setting up, some of the players come to visit me before the game for a little chat and catch up, when serving though the hatch I really enjoy checking in with the regular fans and family that come to see the women play and after the match, I again get the chance to speak to the players and coaches about the game while the eat their post match food.

Worcester City Women is a special place. You can really tell that the Club’s values, La Familia, is strong, it's one big family. One that I am really proud to be part of. 

I am excited to introduce some new flavours of nachos this year so keep your eye out on Gill's Place! Happy New Year!


Gill from Gill’s Place, Home of the Nachos

When I think of a solid, stable and focused club I think of Worcester City Women FC. I feel as though the staff supporting the players have really stepped up in my short time here. The underlying ethos of player progression and development is a shining beacon underpinning everything they do. It is easy to spot in terms of ditching the quick fix, to go with a longer-term solution to most things they tackle. This level of support extends from the tuck shop personnel, the therapists team, the match analysis team, the strength and fitness team through to all the head coaches, and is enabled by a forward thinking and progressive management.


I am very excited to be a part of this club. I believe the players we currently work with have a lot of potential and I relish the challenge to help them realise this. As the club progresses, I feel that we will gain significant momentum in our performances. This is a really happening club who are serious about putting the players development first. I have so many ideas about how to challenge our players around their development and progression towards making their impact on football. I expect all our players to work hard in order to achieve their potential. Finally, I can’t wait for training to resume again after the Christmas break so that I can put some of my ideas into practise. 

Happy New Year!

Julia West

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