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Jenn Higgs' Sri Lankan Adventure

City forward Jenn Higgs recently returned from Sri Lanka where she helped schools and colleges on a sports programme.

Hear about what Jenn had to say about her adventure:

"Following all of your generous donations I just wanted to write a bit about what I did in Sri Lanka and how your money contributed. I traveled to the southeast Sri Lankan coast and for 3 weeks I helped schools and colleges on the sports programme.

I worked with a range of ages and abilities from ages 4 to 18 helping with various sports like volleyball, football, and cricket. We traveled each morning and afternoon to different schools and colleges and joined in with their sports. When we traveled to the primary schools we helped and taught them small games which they always loved!"

"The kids were always so enthusiastic and smiley to see you and your donations allowed us to take new equipment to their schools and make new pitches like a volleyball pitch which is very popular in Sri Lanka. Often the monsoon conditions forced us inside where we helped with their english lessons.

The monsoons also meant we couldn’t always get to the more remote schools, which allowed me to help with the turtles on the marine programme, which was a dream come true! So thank you all again for all of your help with the fundraising!!"

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