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An exciting quarter-final of the WFA County Cup

Worcester City Women vs Redditch Borough Ladies WCWFC 5-0 Redditch Borough Ladies 

An exciting quarter-final of the WFA County Cup saw Worcester City take on Redditch Borough from the tier below. This season Borough are working hard to achieve a back-to-back promotion and now sit top of WMRWL Division One South on an unbeaten run.  

Both teams started ready and raring to go on the attack, but it was City who got things underway as Emma Congrave struck down the centre of the goal, twisting through Borough’s chasing defence. 

Borough continued with eyes set goalward and remained sturdy within their individual duels, but small mistakes became more and more costly for the red side. The other battle that Borough had to contend with was City’s weapon found in our dependable goalkeeper. Sofia Stolt’s quick decision-making meant that with any chance Borough got on goal after escaping defenders, was stopped before they could think twice. 

City continued to dominate the game when Leah Ritson’s pacy run down the left wing put her on to goal after a flick-on from Annie Sime. The decisive run meant there was no doubt when her shot hit the back of Borough’s net. 

Both teams remained focused on their pursuit towards the goal, going end to end in the attack. Despite Redditch Borough being set on crawling one back they lacked clinically in the final third. Although they remained tight in their pressure up against City, they had trouble using this to their advantage. 

Build-up play beginning from our captain Jess Fassnidge in midfield meant the ball was able to be played along the right wing and back through to Fassnidge who struck wide to the left of the goal. Fassnidge was quick to make another chance for herself though but with the effort, called Borough’s number one into action.  

City was not done yet though and continued to press high up the pitch and on her third time of trying Fassnidge got the goal she deserved. The captain cleverly wrangled the possession of the ball in the crowded penalty area and recycled the shot spilt by their goalkeeper, tapping it in for Worcester’s third. The momentum kept in City’s favour as the captain scored her second goal, striking a low shot from outside the six-yard box down towards the centre of the goal.  

With the absence of Sofia Stolt through injury as we got underway in the second half, Fassnidge stepped up and into goal. Midfielder Annie Highway also joined City’s attack and proved to be a superb addition on the pitch. Emma Congrave once again opened things up in the second half for City. Highway’s decision-making in passing the ball long over to Alex Motherwell on the left flank resulted in Congrave’s strong curling chip just perfectly dipping behind the goalkeeper and into the net. 

City’s backline stood strong against Borough’s striker, Katie Potter, as she raced in an effort to rescue her side. Lindsey Jones did well to keep her at bay as Borough continued to put up a fight but couldn’t turn things around. 

City held on strong and carried out the game until the very end, keeping a clean sheet despite having a change in goal. The team was spurred on further as reliable defender, Cerys Dolloway was applauded onto the pitch, making her long-awaited return from injury.  

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The development side drop out of the county cup after a draw against a strong Kidderminster side.

In a closely contested county cup quarter-final, the development team faced a strong challenge from Kidderminster Harriers. The match, marked by a strong wind, saw both teams striving to gain an advantage.

Early in the game, Elcox-Bond from the development side made a promising attempt, shooting from the edge of the box after Pearson's cross from the left wing. Both teams, eager to bounce back from recent performances, showed determination. Kidderminster managed to navigate through City's defence but couldn't capitalize with a goal.

Worcester City repeatedly tried to exploit Kidderminster's defence with long balls for their strikers, but the wind interfered, sending the ball too far. Conway, from City, earned a free kick, but the wind affected Heath's shot, sending it over the crossbar.

Bridgewater, City's goalkeeper, made a crucial save on a shot from a Kidderminster midfielder, preventing a goal. City displayed confidence in their ball handling, smoothly moving it through midfield. Conway set up L. Smith with a pass, but Smith's shot was easily saved by Kidderminster's goalkeeper.

Just before half-time, Kidderminster scored the game's only goal. A loose ball in midfield was seized by a Kidderminster striker who curved it past Bridgewater.

The wind continued to impact the game, causing shots from both sides to veer off target.

In the second half, the development side adjusted their formation to gain control in midfield, creating opportunities for Conway and Hill. This led to a shot by Badland, which the Kidderminster goalkeeper narrowly deflected.

However, City struggled offensively in the second half, particularly with the wind against them, and Kidderminster dominated in aerial duels. Despite several counterattacks from Kidderminster, their shots missed the goal.

Although the development side found it hard to create chances later in the second half, their defence remained solid, with Othick and Stanton making key tackles to prevent further Kidderminster goals. The match ended in a draw, resulting in the development team's exit from the county cup.

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