New Football Club Badge Unveiled

June 18, 2021

Following months of work behind the scenes and supporter consultation, Worcester City FC is delighted to unveil its new badge to supporters.


Designed in collaboration with Worcester-based creative agency Sauce Creative, the new football club badge has been developed to signal our ambitions as a forward thinking and innovative football club whilst striking a considered blend of Worcester City’s tradition and history with a modern and contemporary feel.

Just like its predecessor, the focus of the new badge is a simplified version of the City of Worcester’s coat of arms. Complementing the coat of arms, the badge is draped in royal blue and white indicating the colours that adorn City’s home shirts.

The motto ‘civitas in bello et pace fidelis’, or ‘faithful city in war and peace’ translated from Latin, has been reimagined and refined simply to ‘faithful’ to make it more relevant and accessible in 2021. Faithful was chosen because it is a word key to the City of Worcester’s history as the original motto demonstrates whilst also perfectly encompassing the football club’s journey too. Supporters were faithful to the football club whilst City played home matches away from Worcester, and now the football club is faithful to supporters as we look forward to the future as a fan-owned football club.

The club’s founding year of 1902 has been added to the club’s badge to put our heritage pride and place with one eye on the club’s upcoming 120-year anniversary in 2022.

The new badge will be phased into use in a transition that will be completed by summer 2022. It will be implemented in all digital forms immediately followed in due course by a new merchandise line, on new physical items produced by the football club such as season tickets and on any physical signage at Claines Lane. It will also feature on new playing kits for the 2022/23 season.

On revealing the new badge, Chairman Steve Goode said “We are really pleased with what has been produced to be the football club’s new identity. We have been working on this quietly in the background now for almost a year, so it’s fantastic to finally show it to the City Faithful. It not only signals Worcester City as a professionally-run, modern outfit on the pitch, but also positions us off the pitch as an attractive brand that companies and organisations can partner and work with. Sauce Creative have worked tirelessly with us to strike a balance between preserving the tradition of the former club badge whilst modernising it. We are very pleased with the outcome.”

Commenting on the process to develop the new badge, Director Luke Cox added “Owed to the intricacies of the badge used by the club to date, it’s become increasingly difficult to replicate it accurately across all mediums. Because of this, and with the club’s 120th anniversary next year, we felt it was time to move Worcester City forward with a new badge to represent us. We consulted a broad cross section of City supporters to take their views and feedback on the design into consideration to ensure supporters were involved in the process. All supporters who were approached to take part in the consultation were very positive about the new badge and the football club thanks them for their time and contributions. We sincerely hope all supporters can appreciate why we feel the time for change is now and will embrace the badge with pride”.

Worcester City FC is proud to have represented Worcester in the arena of sport for almost 120 years and to continue to do so. This change instils the football club’s commitment to the City of Worcester and its community.

Accompanying the new badge for the football club, the supporters’ trust will also have a new logo mirroring the football club’s badge signifying the close relationship between the two organisations to be unveiled in due course.

The football club will keep supporters updated as the process to complete the transition to the new badge is completed.