Throwback Thursday! NCW Canoe Trek 2022

July 13th, 2022

Worcester City Women partners New College Worcester (NCW) are a college for students who are blind or have visual impairments.


They have organised this canoe trek to provide those involved with a challenge, so that they are able to gain donations and sponsorships. With this money, NCW can purchase items and equipment that can be used in and outside the classroom, to help the learning of the students and to make their time at the college as fun and easy as possible. 


Raising money for these kids was our main aim and pushing ourselves to canoe over 80 miles in 3 days was our challenge and nothing was going to stop us! Lots of different companies/businesses alongside ourselves as a football club, took part in the trek in order to raise money for the college too, so we all wanted to work together to reach our common goal. 


Day 1

On Friday, Johno, Rachel, Jodie and Hannah woke up bright and early to arrive at the campsite for 6am sharp! Although it was a rainy morning, we met our fellow canoe teammates, along side our friends from New College Worcester. 


We jumped on the bus and began our journey to Welshpool, where we started our canoe trek!


After listening to the safety brief from the river guides, first up to begin the journey on the water was Johno and Rachel. 


After attempting to practice how to turn in the canoe, Johno and Rachel ended up in a tree facing the wrong direction. What a great start from us! However, after some communication and problem solving, both were well on their way down the river. 



15 miles later, the girls made it to the check point where they swapped with Jodie and Hannah. It was good to see everyone cheering as we approached the changeover location. After a quick catch up and explanation of what to expect, Jodie and Hannah got off to a great start, to take on the second lot of 15 miles towards the campsite. 


Later that day, Jodie and Hannah arrived back at the campsite. We all discussed how we got on and laughed a lot at some of things we did whilst on the water. 


In the evening, fellow teammates Alisha and Lindsey joined the canoe squad, ready for day 2! 


Pizzas for dinner, provided and cooked on site by the amazing staff from NCW, was the perfect way to end the first day. Alongside some team bonding; ending the night with a trip to the pub and chatting away in the Worcester City Women tent!

Day 2

First up on the bus to start day 2 was Lindsey and Rachel, with a solid few hours to complete on the water before changeover 1 took place. The girls did a great job covering the distance quickly. 


Back at camp, teammates Jess and Katie arrived, preparing themselves for what was to come! 


Second up, and bravely taking on the rapids, was Alisha and Hannah. We all made our way towards the rapids so we could cheer on everyone. After some great footage later and some super hard paddling, unfortunately, Alisha and Hannah ended up in the drink! Alisha decided to stay in the canoe to continue the trek, meanwhile Hannah swapped with Katie!


In the afternoon, Cerys arrived at camp. We all set up our beds in the tent and made it our home for the night ahead.


A few hours later and making up the miles, Alisha and Katie made it to camp in Bridgenorth! Upon arrival, everyone enjoyed a well-earned break, before heading back into the boats for the final stint of the day. 


This time, Jess and Cerys headed for the canoe! Waving them off from the bridge, they both got off to a great start! See you in a few hours girls!


Whilst the girls were finishing off the day, Jenna arrives at camp. Our tent was now full, and we can honestly say, we have never been that close! Super cosy, we loved it!


Saturday night consisted of everyone involved heading to the pub. We all had a lovely meal, watched the women’s euros game and interacted with our canoe teammates. We all had a great time. 


At the end of the evening, we all headed back to camp to our Worcester City tent, where we all got into our beds to rest for the 3rd and final day!


Day 3

The final day had arrived and us Worcester City girls were ready to take on the final stint to get us back to Worcester!


Beginning the day off on the water was Jenna and Lindsey. After some practice yesterday, Lindsey had now got the hang of it and was able to bring Jenna up to speed. They soon shot off down the river towards Stourport! 


The rest of the team then got themselves over to the next checkpoint at Stourport, where Jenna and Linds swapped with Cerys and Jo. 


Whilst we had continued to swap who was in our canoe, we could only have 2 of us from Worcester on the water. Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea for us to jump in some of the other guy’s boats! 

The wind was quite strong, and no current was helping us travel, so us as the extra people in the boats actually worked out a treat! 

It was great to see everyone on the water interacting with each other, working together and building friendships! 


As we headed towards Holt Fleet this time, Olivia joined the team! She jumped in with Cerys and Jess, whilst the rest of us stayed in the other boats with our new teammates! We all paddled hard to make it back to Worcester! Taking on 3 locks and some intense wind! 


It was so exciting to hear that everyone was at the finish line waiting for us. As we turned the corner, you could hear everyone cheering us on it was brilliant! 


We ended the trek with a big group photo and a glass of bubbly to celebrate! We said our thank you’s and goodbyes to everyone involved, and headed home for a well-earned bath and rest!

We all made memories that will last a lifetime and are super happy that we were able to raise some money for New College Worcester.


It’s been an absolute pleasure! Thank you from all of us at Worcester City Women.


Until next time! Over and out!