Maddie Rushton commits to Iowa Central Community College

May 04, 2021

Worcester City Women FC First Team player, Maddie Rushton, is heading out to the United States on a soccer scholarship at the end of the summer this year. Maddie, who has been part of the Worcester set up since last summer, has had an influential part to play during her time at the club. Maddie is playing first team football to prepare her for the transition to her new college in the states, Iowa Central Community College. During her time at Iowa, Maddie will become a student-athlete where she will compete in football and train every day, alongside studying towards a bachelor’s degree. We caught up with Maddie to see how she was fairing before the transition occurs this summer.

How did you get into football and what teams have you played for?

Maddie: “I was constantly hanging out with the boys at primary school, they invited me to join their Sunday

football team where I started off as a right back for Wombourne Olympic who continued to play for until 2014.

However, in 2013 I also started playing for Kewford Eagles girls team, where I was played as a striker and scored

26 goals in my second season there. Leaving Wombourne at 14, I stuck to playing girls football on Saturdays

where we moved as a club to Stourbridge FC and played there for 2 years. In 2016 we moved again to

Cookley FC where I played there up until I was 17 where I was playing ladies football. Finally, signing at

Worcester City Women during lockdown and competing for them at tier 4 level women’s football, and which is

where I will continue playing until I leave for Iowa  later on this year.”

Why did you decide to go down the route of the USA?

Maddie: ‘I’ve always wanted to take my football to the next level and playingfootball since I was 7,

I never really felt like my football was taken seriously. Especially being in year 12 and having to apply

for universities, I saw my football becoming a hobby rather than a dream and I felt that going down

the route of the USA was my last chance to really chase my dream of playing football full time.

I had had previous conversations with my Dad about the level and interest of women’s football in the

USA and it became clear that this was the path I wanted to go down, with the support and guidance

of CSUSA I was able to successfully obtain a scholarship to play over in America!”

What are you looking forward to most about going to the US?

Maddie: “Although moving away will be quite difficult, I am so excited to start fresh. Independently living and creating friendships on and off the pitch is what excites me most about leaving the UK. Playing football every day is something I can’t do here at home, so seeing improvements in my ability and playing with brand new teammates is something that I am looking forward to the most.”


We want to wish Maddie all the best with her upcoming experience to the US and can’t wait to follow her journey!