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Jan 9, 2022

Getting to Know: Katie Lawrence

April 14, 2022

This week of “Getting to Know”, we spoke with City‘s young star Katie Lawrence.

Firstly, how has this season been for you personally and then as a team (both U18s and Development Team)?                   


This has been my first season playing for Worcester and although it’s been a great experience both off and on the pitch, I think it’s safe to say it’s been a very challenging and ongoing season for both u18 and Devs. Especially u18s as you meet more players of your calibre and work effort. As a team we often let that determine our mindsets and this got the better of us and that did cost us many games, but towards the end of the season we really gelled as a team and started playing for one another. Personally, I loved every minute of playing in both team’s and winning the league with the Devs was such an achievement and it’s been a pleasure to play with the girls.

So, tell us about your football journey. How did you get into football? What age did you start playing and who have you played for?

 I have always adored football ever since I can remember, I would always have a football by my side, ever since a young age. My dad was a big part of getting me into football. His adoration and love for football always rubbed off on me. Sadly, my dad did pass away in 2019, but this has not let me forget how much passion and drive I have for football, if anything it made me more driven and more passionate! Although this can be a barrier as I miss him so much, my mom, brother and step dad fully support me which is a big help. I started at Redditch United when I was about 6/7 and had a few seasons there. Then I didn’t play for a team until I was about 13/14 when I joined Droitwich and had a couple of seasons there. I then played for Bromsgrove Sporting in the preseason of the 2021/2022 but then Worcester caught my eye and I joined and have been happy with that decision ever since.

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What do you enjoy the most about playing football and what would you say to a young girl thinking about giving it a go?


Honestly, I enjoy everything that comes with football, the rush before a big game, the feeling of your team scoring a late winner. There are many things but for me it’s being part of a team that plays for each other and have that bond on and off the pitch. Without this I believe football becomes a very draining and unenjoyable experience. One of my favourite positions is the wing as I love creating chances and assisting one of my teammates, I love this feeling. I would say to any young girl thinking about giving football a go is to 100% go for it, being a part of a team especially in football is a feeling you will not get anywhere else. It’ll open many doors and you’ll grow within yourself as a person.

What have you learned the most this season?


 What I've learnt the most this season is don’t let emotions and mindsets get the better of me no matter the score or team we are up against, go in with a 100% work effort and you will be promised a result.


What’s a day in the life of Katie Lawrence like?


I start by waking up around 7am, I get washed and dressed and then make myself food and normally a smoothie to take to college. I then get the bus and start college around 9am, where I study level 3 sport science. A normal day is from about 9am until 4am then I get the bus back and walk home where I am supposed to do my assignments but always get distracted by my phone or Xbox!

What are your ambitions for next season and beyond?


My ambition for next season is to develop as much as much as I can, I think I still have more developing to do and can always learn and improve

What do you do to relax? What are you watching on TV/Netflix at the moment?


I just watch whatever’s trending on Netflix or YouTube. I’m normally out with my mates for food or doing something

Which football team do you support? 


I support Birmingham City. I have done ever since I was little and my brother and I try and go as much as we can, obviously playing on both a Saturday and Sunday limits this but we both adore the club


Who is your role model from a football perspective? Who do you look up to when you think about the type of player you want to be?


Personally, my dad will always be my role model for football as he's the one who got me into it and now he's passed away, I only want to go as far as I can with football, it makes me feel very close to him. But football is filled with many more role models. For me i'd have to say Jude Bellingham, being a blues fan I think this is only inevitable. Jude being a Birmingham boy all the way through his academy days and made his professional debut at 16 and now plays for one of the biggest clubs in Germany is very impressive. He’s a role model for sure.

Tell us a random fact, which people might not know about you?


It’s not a fact but it’s random..pineapple on pizza?…Absolutely not!