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Jan 9, 2022

Getting to Know: Hannah Johnson

April 28, 2022

In this week's episode of “Getting to Know”, we spoke with City Co-Captain Hannah Johnson.

1. How did you get into football? What age did you start playing?


I started playing football when I was 10 years old. I took part in a few games whilst in primary school to boost my confidence and to experience what playing a match was like. Once my dad saw me play, he decided that it would be a great opportunity to take me to try out at our local team, Tipton Town FC, where I then played my first season as captain!


2. Who have you played for and what has been your best moment?


Following on from the above, my first team was Tipton Town, followed by Kewford Eagles, West Bromwich Albion Girls, Wolves Girls and Ladies and currently Worcester City Women. I also played for the university 1st team where we won the league title in my first year. My best moment has to be when I signed for Wolves Ladies first team, we got invited to Molineux to sign paperwork!


3. What do you love most about playing for WCWFC?


I love the vision that we have as a club, the goals we aim to achieve and the pathway we would like to provide for younger players. Providing a pathway especially for girls and women who are talented and live within the Worcestershire area. I also love how much we have built in the past 12 months, the obstacles we have overcome and the great team we are becoming. I love my teammates, coaches, staff and everyone involved in the club. It’s super exciting being a part of Worcester City, everyone works so hard to create the most amazing opportunities for all.


4. If you could give yourself one piece of advice to a younger Hannah Johnson, what would it be?


Do not stop playing! Whilst at university, in my 3rd year I decided to take a break from football. I was finding the workload difficult to manage alongside traveling to training and games so frequently. However, I wish now I wouldn’t have taken that break and worked that extra bit harder, and became that bit more organised to be able to maintain both. Although, it has made me work that bit harder now to make up for lost time.


5. Away from football, what do you do?


I am a sports therapist, which is the degree I studied at university, so I help rehabilitate people with sports injuries using various techniques such as rehab programmes, hydrotherapy and sports massage. I also have a personal training qualification, so I help individuals meet their goals, providing them with fitness programmes and nutrition advice.


6. What’s a day in the life of Hannah Johnson like? How do you start your day? What are your hobbies away from football?


Well, I am always hungry and I love coffee, so some breakfast and a cup of coffee starts my day off. I then look in my diary to see what I have booked in/planned for that day, to ensure I am organised and ready for the day. Away from work and football on my days off, I meet with my friends to socialise and catch up. We all seem so busy, there’s always lots to talk about. I also like doing fun things with my friends, like going bowling, shopping… One of my favourite days was Go Ape! The tree top adventure. Challenging as I don’t like heights, but as well as being fun, it tested me in a positive way. So I’m definitely up for doing new things.


7. Who is your role model in football/favorite player and why?


As a Wolves fan, (and with a dad and brother both season ticket holders in the south bank), I have to say my favourite player is Conor Coady. As a central defender and Wolves captain, I aspire to be like him, providing a good role model for his players and leading by example. He has also worked really hard to make the England Squad, which is also really inspiring to me.


8. What do you do to relax? What are you watching on TV/Netflix at the moment?


I am a sucker for crime dramas! So the likes of Line of Duty, Silent Witness, Luther… They’re all a bit of me! I am currently watching a new series called Grace which is similar to the above listed. I always have a guess after the first episode who the main culprit is, sometimes I am spot on and other times, way off!


9. Which football team do you support?

As mentioned above, I am a Wolves Fan. I grew up not far from Wolverhampton and my dad is a huge Wolves supporter as well as my brother. It was such a great feeling back when I played for Wolves, to not only wear the shirt to support my favourite club but to represent my own team. That is another one of my proudest achievements.


10. Random fact, which people might not know about you? Something fans might be interested in!


Up until the beginning of the 2021/2022 season, I was a striker my whole life! Since becoming a defender, it has given me a lot to learn and experience another side of the beautiful game! Although I do miss scoring goals, as there’s no better feeling. However now, keeping a clean sheet provides the same effect for me!