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Getting to Know: Elspeth Hill

March 17, 2022

Welcome to our new series “Getting to Know”, where we speak to a Worcester City Women FC player to learn more about them.

In the second instalment of “Getting to Know”, we spoke with City‘s young star Elspeth Hill.

Unfortunately you suffered a knee injury early on in the season. How’s your injury and rehab going?                 


It’s going well! With me being a student at Hartpury College, I am fortunate to have a great set up and support network that I can access everyday and the physio is really happy with my progress so far. I’m not putting too much pressure on myself but hoping to get back to playing again between September and December.

You only joined WCWFC in the summer, what first attracted you to the club?

For me it was the fact that the club is so focused on growth and progression and especially around player development of young players. Everyone was so welcoming to me as a young player and the vision of the club is really exciting and something I want to be a part of.



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So, tell us about your football journey. How did you get into football? What age did you start playing and who have you played for?


I first got into football thanks to my PE teacher at Primary School and I started joining the clubs after school. I started playing for a club when I was 11 and my football coach at school was a WBA Player Development Centre (PDC) coach so I played for Welland for 2 years and also was training at the WBA PDC for about 3 years. Then I moved to Pershore Town for 2 years and then Boldmere St Michaels U18s and This Girls Kicks last season before moving to Worcester in the summer.

What do you enjoy the most about playing football?


I think it’s just being around other people that have the same love of the game and you share a common connection and interest. My family love football and my brother has always played to a high level so football is always on around the house and I’ve just grown up with it so it’s a big part of my life.

Despite not being able to play much this season, what have you learned from this season and what advice would you share to others?


I would say make the most of every game you play and be grateful. If you play 90 minutes really hang on to that because you don’t know when the next game is your last. I didn’t know that my first ever game for Hartpury was going to be my last one in my first year! 

Also, because it’s such a long term injury, I’ve learned to set myself goals that are realistic and achievable. I really praise myself with the smaller achievements I have made. I have to recognise the fact I am doing well, but because it’s such a long period of time that you are out for, you can forget about the little things. But in reality it’s quite big - like learning how to walk again is actually a really big thing, I never thought I’d be taught how to walk again at 16 years old!

Away from football, what do you do?


To be honest, not much that isn’t football! I’m a student doing my A levels and I also have a part time job. Even though I am injured I still come to watch WCWFC on match days and also take part in the classroom sessions at training so I keep involved with the girls and club. I run the Instagram account for both WCWFC and Hartpury on match days which I enjoy.

What’s a day in the life of Els Hill like?


So, I get up at 7 and catch the bus and have an hour journey to college. We usually have lessons in the morning and then football training and the gym in the afternoon but 2 of the days in the week are full days of lessons. I normally finish at 3:30 and catch the bus home and then go to football training in the evening if it’s a training night or do homework!

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What are your ambitions for next season and beyond?


Next season it is to win my place in the team again and be playing in the first team consistently. Beyond next season, my ambitions are really to play in the highest level of women’s football I possibly can. I just love playing football and I love playing with players that can help me develop, so I want to surround myself with the best players possible. 

When I think of players that I admire and want to be like, I think of someone like N’Golo Kante because of his work rate and ethic and also Raheem Sterling because of his pace and taking on players, which I love to do. I just can’t wait to have the feeling of scoring a goal again! 

What do you do to relax? What are you watching on TV/Netflix at the moment? 

I am catching up with Peaky Blinders! I’m quite far behind at the moment as I’m only on series 3 so I am binge watching it!

Which football team do you support? 


West Bromwich Albion!

Tell us a random fact, which people might not know about you?


I have 2 quite uncommon pets, I have 2 tortoises and they are 22 years old, which is quite young for tortoises! They are called Dot and Com.. my Dad named them!

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